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Info, Trigger Warnings, and Reverse Permissions

PB: Typically Bob Geldof. Some icons feature Syd Barrett instead.

Appearance: 6'2". Hazel eyes, curly brown hair. Long, lanky frame.
  • Usually: Hair is messy. Generally unkempt. Pale, tired. Casual dress (t-shirt, jeans) in muted, dark colours unless otherwise noted. Long scar on right palm.
  • Fascist Pink: Shaved eyebrows and body hair. Hair slicked back. Black military uniform or something with a similar aesthetic. A red/white/black armband with the Marching Hammers insignia on it, if at all possible.
    Voice: This is his speaking voice. This is his singing voice. Sometimes, he can do this, and it's goddamn horrifying.

    Abilities: Considerable musical talent. Singing, songwriting, bass, guitar, piano, trumpet, synthesizer. Gong. Can do drums in a pinch. Very good at improvising musical arrangements and wrangling sound mixes. Considerable experience with illicit drugs. Very good gardener.

    Trigger Warnings: He's an insensitive jerk from the 1970s. Sexist, racist, and homophobic language & attitudes may come up in the course of a conversation. Mental illness, self-harm, drug abuse, and neo-nazism are topics that may also come into play. I will try to warn where necessary. If you think something needs to be marked for triggers that I've neglected to, please let me know, so I can fix it. If things that are happening make you uncomfortable, please let me know, and we can work out how to soften or exit the scene, if necessary.

    If there are any topics or language you would prefer to avoid, please comment here or on my (screened) OOC contact, informing me.

    Reverse Permissions
    Fourth Walling: Fine, for the most part. He shares the name of an extremely influential band, and is from one of their most famous albums. It's also okay to provide him with material from the 'real world' version of the band. He will say that his versions are better. Only give him a copy of "The Wall" if you don't mind it getting broken. The only thing I ask here is that if you are speaking to him pre-movie, do not mention his wife's infidelity. If you are unsure whether he's pre-movie or not, just ask.

    Threadjacking: Sure! I'm a slow tagger, so if you aren't, maybe drop me a line so we can figure out a reply order.

    Telepathy/Mind Control: I'm usually up for it! If it's telepathy, since he's a bit off his rocker, let me know, and I'll fill you in on his current state of mind, whatever it might be, and maybe link you to some fun visuals.

    Empathy: Pink is kind of hard to read emotions off of. Unless he's drunk, drugged, or just coming from a performance, his emotions will feel distant, like they're coming from behind some kind of... y'know. Wall.

    Injury/Death: Typically open to minor or major injury. Death depends on the game, and the penalties for it. Check first. Hands are off limits for permanent damage, as is hearing.

    Sexual Content: You can... feel free to try. Mun is over 18. In any pre-Wall interaction, he will be a distracted and not very reciprocal lover. Post-Wall, he will be disinterested in sexual activity for a long time, especially if there are any strings attached. He's fairly homophobic, and his reaction to being openly propositioned by another male will almost always be negative. This doesn't mean he isn't somewhat heteroflexible --he's had his share of encounters with other men -- but never while sober, and never without ample insistence that it doesn't make him gay. (Yeah, he's one of those.)

    Questions? Comments? Did I mess something up? Please let me know.